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Rooting Horizontally, in constant motion, my Art Inspiration

Moving around and living in different states and exploring what each region has to offer, I've had alot of fun enjoying the many landscapes we have in the US. Whether it was hiking 14'ers, rock climbing and mtn biking in Moab, snowmobiling all over the backcountry mountains of Colorado, snowboarding most peaks and resorts throughout the US & in the Canadian Rockies, camping and dirt biking in the Southwest deserts, mountain biking single tracks throughout forests, kayaking and rafting the rivers, paddle boarding and wake surfing from lake Powell and every puddle north to the Canadian border, surfing the Ocean waves in Tofino, Hawaii, North East hurricane swells etc, visiting nearly every US national park, enjoying and photographing all the landscapes, wildlife, sunsets and the night sky found in the mountain region, hunting, hiking, fishing, and exploring right up into the Canadian Rockies and over the Pacific North West coast. I say this all, so you know my adventures produce the many photos I later paint, the natural world is my artist inspiration.

So hopefully that explains my outdoors background a bit more and my connection to the Landscapes that I paint. I try not to be too grounded to one sole place, town, or area, but enjoy parts of all the regions. My paintings, whether of the mountains, forests, rivers, South West, North West, North East, Canada, islands, rivers, lakes, ocean waves, beaches, or sunsets, auroras, and starry skies are all from my own adventure photos, memories and experiences in nature. You may not catch me sitting and plein aire painting too often, but I'll be the one stopped on the side of the trail taking photos from my bike, just taking in and studying the beauty of our natural world.


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