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Where does my Art go?

When someone buys a painting, where does it live after? I always love to find out because it's sometimes random and not where you would think of when looking at a painting. I'm thankful/appreciative/lucky and excited to say my original oil paintings are hanging in art collectors homes internationally located in London, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney! And those are just the main cities I know of.

Recently I thought about where my art goes and to take inventory, I noticed the majority of my paintings the last couple years went to Texas. Maybe they appreciate the vibrant bright colors of my art coupled with the majestic mountains and forest views. Maybe that sunlight usually evident in my paintings is a normal sight for them and they resonate with my colorful skies and bright southwestern colors.

Then then I was noticing the following year, Seattle became a major spot my art shipped to, maybe they needed an inspiration of colorful sunlight to get through the cloudy winter? Every year or so I'll get commission requests from Cape Cod to paint an ocean scene of some sort. They love when I paint on giant scallop shells or canvases with boats and beach landscapes. Alot of my mountain paintings go to North Carolina and the SouthEast.

The Colorado gallery distributes the majority of my Rocky Mountain paintings throughout the year to people visiting from all over the world. It’s just fun to notice these energetic funnels of magnetism as my art resonates with different people from different areas at different times. I wonder where to this year!


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