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     Im inspired by the play of light, when it reflects and creates all the beautiful colors seen in nature.  I love painting colorful artistic renditions of National Parks and Western Landscape scenes.

    Using Oil paint on canvas mostly, sometimes I'll create a digital version of a scene as a study beforehand to get the composition right. 

     From hiking, biking and snowboarding, I paint my photos of beautiful Western landscape scenes found adventuring in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest.  Living adventurously and always searching for the light, I intuitively paint colorful representational fine art landscape scenes of the beauty found in nature.


     I create paintings with the intent that they will infuse your space, mentality, energy field, and environment with positivity, light, harmony, a warm feeling, a memory and appreciation of the beauty that this planet and experience here gives us. That is the positive vibration I channel while painting my rendition of these scenes for you.

     For art to elicit an emotion, I try to portray the happy emotions. The positivity, upliftment, fantasy and escapism.  I'm in the business of creating colorful energetic 2d escapist windows for you.  To cultivate a warmth, happiness, little ray of sunshine and beauty to your physical space.  To help your internal energy mirror that vibration and shine within and out.

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