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Art to me is the truest form of soul expression.  (Love)

     But my work is not just art; It’s a narrative of my adventures out West, in the mountains, forests and coastline.  Emotions interpreting the light and colors I find in nature.  A small fractal of soul incorporated in each piece shines though, a light emits from the paint and is best perceived in person.
     Painting artistic renditions of National Parks and Western Landscape scenes.  Im inspired by the play of light, when it reflects and creates all the beautiful colors seen in nature.  Admiring and photographing the natural landscapes while exploring and hiking.  During my adventures I gain inspiration from the magic of places unseen by most.  Backcountry and off trail treks is the route usually taken, although I'll add a trail in my paintings for others to mentally walk along too.
     I'll Plein Air paint or take reference photos and create digital drawings in the field to get compositions and colors how I want, then later recreate the scenes with oil paint on canvas in the studio.    
     Creating contemporary realism paintings with the intent that they will inspire and infuse one’s space with positivity and an appreciation of the awe that can be found in nature.  Living adventurously, always searching for the light, I intuitively paint colorful representational fine art landscape scenes of the West viewed through a magical lens. 

Western Landscape Artist SandyBridgewater Fine Art and Art Prints for sale
Western Landscape Oil Paintings Fine Art for Sale Art Prints and Notecards
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