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Curriculum Vitae

Artist Statement

          The art I create is a narrative of my adventures out West, in the mountains, forests and coastline.  I paint the scenery that inspires me and love it.  Emotions interpreting the light and colors I find in nature.  A small piece of soul incorporated in each piece shines though, a light emits from the paint and is best perceived in person.    
     Painting artistic renditions of National Parks and Western Landscape scenes.  Im inspired by the play of light, when it reflects and creates all the beautiful colors seen in nature.  Admiring and photographing the natural landscapes while exploring and hiking.  During my adventures I gain inspiration from the magic of places unseen by most.  Backcountry and off trail treks is the route usually taken, although I'll add a trail in my paintings for others to mentally walk along too. 
    I'll Plein Air paint or take reference photos and create digital drawings in the field to get compositions and colors down, then later recreate or refine the scenes with oil paint on canvas in the studio.
   Creating contemporary realism paintings with the intent that they will inspire and infuse one’s space with positivity and an appreciation of the awe that can be found in nature.  Living adventurously, always searching for the light, I intuitively paint colorful representational fine art landscape scenes of the West viewed through a magical lens. 


     A natural born creative and mostly self taught intuitive artist.  Growing up, I was first focused on illustration, digital design, animation, and had a job working as a Graphic Artist right in high school, also creating logo designs and selling freelance illustrations.  Given a set of oil paints and brushes as a kid, I would experiment on developing my own artistic painting style.  Funny enough, my paintings were not just sailboats at sea, but forests and mountains too.  Sights not found at my hometown beaches.  Studying at the Cahoon Museum on Cape Cod & Chatham Arts Centers, then moving on to the Art Institute of Boston, and out west to the Breckenridge Colorado Arts District.  I was able to train under many professional artists along the way and learn all their techniques and styles, but definitely always wanted to pursue my own style and vision much more than just copy another's.  

    Moving out west and spending almost 2 decades exploring the lower Rocky Mountain region, my artwork is still heavily influenced by all the bright colors found in art in the SouthWest.  With all the red rock, white snow, deep blue skies, wildflowers and hyper colorful high altitude sunsets, I couldn't help but be influenced by the SouthWestern sunlight and colors that continue to brighten my paintings.  Currently living in Whitefish, Montana for a bit and focusing on painting the northern forests and lakes surrounding me.  Occasionally adventuring into the Canadian Rockies and Pacific Northwest.  Exploring new sights, I paint inspiring scenes from my experiences and travels in nature.  Creating colorful art of the Western Landscape.

Gallery Representation


The Portfolio Gallery in Breckenridge, Colorado 2019 - Present

The Cawdrey Gallery in Whitefish, Montana 2022

2020 Western Art and Architecture

2020 Summit Daily

2021 Artistonish International Art Magazine

2021 Vail Daily

2022 Spokesman Review

2022 Whitefish Pilot 


Many Group and Solo Exhibits, detailed lists on the Events page


Oil Painters of America

American Women Artists

NorthWest Arts Association

Boulder Arts Association

Gilpin Arts Association

Hockaday Art Museum


Studied under:

Cahoon Museum Artists

John Sullivan

Art Institute of Boston

Amy Evans

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