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Commissions and Purchases?
Yes I accept and offer commissioned Paintings!  It's always easiest when you have a semi clear definition of what you would like.  Canvas sizing and format, framing options, artwork dominant colors, or of a particular place, scene, landscape etc all helps. Whether you want to purchase a piece you’ve seen, or are interested in commissioning an original work or of similar piece, the best way is to contact me so we can discuss exactly what it is you’d like and I can offer pricing options and a timeframe then.

What do you offer for framing options? 
For my original oil paintings on stretched canvas, I custom frame them in a neutral espresso dark wooden float frame.  I understand some people may desire a warm brown or light grey frame to match their house.  If you prefer to not have the standard frame I offer which matches the art well, Im willing to negotiate the pricing to remove the art from the frame before shipping.  Please note, the price to custom frame a piece yourself elsewhere, may be much higher than what I charge for the framing.  
Limited Edition Reproductions are printed on a high quality giclee art paper using pigment inks.  They are matted in standard sizes of 8x10" or 11x14" inside a white matte with backing board.  They are ready to put in a frame of your choice bought separately.  I only offer frames for original paintings.  For prints, I like to just use frames from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or shops found online.  That is to save you money on custom framing for a Reproduction.  

Can you do large commercial projects?
Yes! If you are interested in collaborating on any large-scale projects, please email me at

Do you ship artwork internationally?
Yes possibly! Email me at to discuss shipping options.  

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