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Mountains or beaches, its all landscape art

I’ve had some confused feedback recently as to where these seemingly random ocean paintings are coming from. Mostly from critics who don't know too much about me. But before I update my bio page story again, I just wanted to clarify I’m not completely changing my style up, just my subject matter every once in a while.

Don't worry dear mountain art fans, I have plenty of that still churning out from the easel. But the ocean where I started from, calls to my soul still and when I head that, a new rush of inspiration helps me create all these colorful ocean and beach scenes. I've been encouraged to start posting and sharing them online by my beach art fans.

Since living in the mountains, for half my life now, I still pine for the golden days of the first half of my life and the easy beach lifestyle and scenery. As a landscape painter, I feel I am more in tune and connected to the details of the land and nature. Appreciative of all that the earth has to offer in its vast beauty. Having visited nearly every national park in the US, between hiking, camping, rafting, kayaking, paddleboarding, mountain biking, backcountry exploring on snowmobiles or splitboarding, ocean surfing, wake surfing, rock climbing, sporting equipment clutters my garage. I have lived adventurously and as I have explored and now evolve, I get to narrow down and define my list of preferences. I enjoy painting the mountains as well as the ocean, it is all earth scenery and landscape art. My social media pages and website may be confusing, but don't worry, the mountain & forest scenes get sold in the mountains and the beach & forest scenes go to the coast!

Check out my Shop page for more landscape paintings!

green forest trees landscape oil painting original art western artist
Into the Woods 14x11" Oil Painting


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