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Staying in the Lines

I've been cropping paintings for the photos I post online, but I love to show them before matting too as I have trouble painting in the lines! So you lose a bit of the whole landscape composition when it gets matted. Here are the original paintings before cropping and matting next to a photo of the finished product all ready for sale. Which style would YOU like to see more of? Also, I realize my art photography skills need some work, as I've lazily just used indoor house lighting in these photos.

In the future, I'll be working on painting in the lines more, so as not to lose the whole scene. I've tried masking taped sides and I still painted on the tape. Then I switched to dark blue colored masking tape and wow! That was it, I didn't paint quite so much on the dark blue. It became a frame border almost, a solid boundary line. Practice, practice, as a square landscape is still a challenge for me, but with every painting it gets easier!

Check out my newest square landscape art paintings for sale at the Portfolio Gallery in Breckenridge, CO!

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