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Palette Knife Texture

Finally getting acceptance to sell my oil paintings at Portfolio Gallery, I’ve just been painting whole pieces with palette knives lately and really having fun with the texture! For these impasto paintings that I’ve used a pallet knife on, they have a lot of awesome touchable texture and natural shapes. It’s easier using a knife as opposed to a fine brush, to get a sharp thin edge when applying wet paint on wet paint, alla prima style. I don't have the luxury to let layers dry and finish later, when I start one of these smaller pieces for the gallery, it must be done in a day or two. Also when I’m trying to paint a smooth area like a snowdrift, I can layer it on the canvas smooth without any brushstrokes. Unfortunately it does takes alot longer for the paint to fully cure with all those great texture layers but it makes a painting so amazing when you can feel the trees or objects in them. Here is a rough photo of a painting I did of the morning sunrise colors over Breckenridge ski mountain, before square matting per gallery specs. A few inches on each side were covered with the matte since I still have trouble painting within the lines. Thankyou to the art collector who bought this piece just recently, I wish I could say to them- remove the square matte someday to discover a lot more of the painting like shown here!

Check out more of my square art oil paintings at the Portfolio Gallery.


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