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Social Media & Timelapse Painting Videos

Do you like to watch time lapse painting as much as me? I love to see a piece come together step by step, but very very quickly in half a minute, not in hours. So I’ve been taking videos of large commission paintings I’ve done recently. So much fun! Check out my 30 second oil painting videos on TikTok and Instagram. And if you have 2 minutes, check out my slightly slower timelapse painting videos on YouTube.

Yes, for future videos I’ll be working on better lighting, audio, and more voiceover narration explaining the piece I’m working on. When I paint, I usually to listen to music, podcasts, ambient or binaural iso tones, etc. But when Im recording, I just work in silence. Which is a much more meditative state, but I need to train myself to enjoy to do that more which is hard at first. But as soon as the flow state gets channelled, I don't even realize there was silence.

As the popularity of video paintings on social media increases, more artists are posting their painting videos and how to's. Just a quick timelapse of a larger painting is great for my short attention span, and hopefully you all enjoy it too. Please check out my artist social media sites and timelapse painting videos on TikTok or Instagram or Youtube channels to see some of my paintings come together!



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