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60 Paintings in <3 months

Creating a bunch of quality representational fine detailed paintings of all different scenes from sizes 7x7" to 16x16" landscapes, and as quick as possible! Thats what was necessary, as an opportunity for a showing at a gallery in Breckenridge, Colorado came up for me and of course I jumped in. I was ready and down for the challenge of creating a large quantity of paintings for them with the local scenery and rocky mountains as inspiration. Their requirements were acrylic on flat canvas or boards to easily frame, all on squares. This shape canvas was something new for me and a fun challenge, as I'm a landscape artist used to traditional horizontal or vertical rectangles.

This huge body of work will be displayed in a beautiful wooden display kiosk of my "portfolio" there, with some in frames around the gallery and some in back stock rotation. Then for the month of June I have a solo exhibit with over 10 larger canvas paintings of mountains, trees, trails, and sunset scenes all in 18x24" to 24x36" sizes. This is very fast production for me as I like to spend more time on each of my works of art. But I did my best and it showed, as I became one of the top sellers for the gallery through the following year!

Most of my paintings for this collection commissioned for the gallery were all in acrylic. It was requested and actually was great as the paint dries fast so different layers can be added without waiting, and the turnaround time from easel to selling wall is so much faster. I prefer to paint in oil, to create texture and blend colors more but working with acrylics is fun too. Look for more new paintings in my usual oil painting style posted to Instagram or my shop page, and of course any commissions are always welcome!


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